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You are on the lookout
for qualified staff.


Alexander Koch Management Consulting specialises in staff recruitment and management in the logistics and transport sector.
Given the removal of restrictions on the movement of workers in many European countries, the way is now free for foreign workers and companies to participate in the German market.
Thanks to our many years of experience and working in cooperation with you, we are able to define your and your company's needs regarding the recruitment of competent, qualified employees.





Many business organisations are suffering from a lack of qualified staff.

Numerous firms and companies have for a long time been suffering from this lack of qualified, motivated personnel. But the search for and selection of the right employees for your organisation is a time-consuming and costly process. Posting job advertisements, filtering applications, telephoning applicants, the process of dealing with enquiries and the laborious task of final selection all take up valuable time and cost money that could be employed more efficiently in your core activities.


A one-to-one consultancy session creates an atmosphere of trust.

We would be pleased to advise both you and your organisation in the course of a personal conversation. This will give us the opportunity to define exactly what your requirements are with respect to your new employee while discussing all the key facts relating to the position so that we can recruit just the right person for your needs. As of this moment, the team at Alexander Koch will take on all the administrative tasks, such as drafting the job advertisement, filtering the applications received and managing the actual recruitment process.




The new member of your team.

OYou find the right specialist and management employees for your company to reinforce your team without having to go through that the laborious process of selection.


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